Snow Mix Concentrate For Foam Machines Huge Savings

December 04, 2017 1 Comment

                    Snow Machine Mix For Chrsitmas Snow Party Snow

Do you remember when you hold the annual Christmas party every year when the mix for the foam machine cost you a penny,  not only that it didn't go far. You needed to keep an eye on the machine so as to not waste it early into the party.

Well now forget all that our concentrate will have the foam unit going all night, and heaps left over for many Christmas's into the future.

So what you saved now you can spend on a nice gift for yourself.

Take my word for it , you will thank me for the huge savings and maybe throw some savings my way thanking me. hint : "I like a nice Red " !

You will be smiling at your next Christmas Snow Party using our Snow Party Mix.

See instore to buy .

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Michael MacDonald
Michael MacDonald

January 09, 2018

What size containers does the snow mix come in and how much?

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