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2 x 15ml Tubes Fake Blood Costume Fake Blood

Fake Blood is a realistic imitation blood product suitable for theatrical professional applications and home use. It has the same texture and consistency as real blood, flowing and drying in a similar fashion.

Fake Blood can be applied with fingers, sponges and cotton swabs, or dripping on. If applying over make-up conduct a small test patch on the back of your hand and check the result is to your satisfaction. It can also be used as a prop for blood bags, hypodermic syringes, medical tubes etc.

When trying to create a realistic dried blood effect, consider the role of gravity in your application. Fake Blood will flow in a different direction if applied to a thigh when the subject is sitting down as opposed to standing up, which is worth considering if you want your effect to be appropriate for a particular situation. For example, your subject is lying on the road, the fake blood should be applied while the subject is lying down. However, if your subject has an arm injury but keeps on walking then the blood should be applied to the arm while standing up.

For a splattered effect, pour the fake blood into a bowl. Dip you fingers in a “flick” the blood onto the surface.

Application Tips: Skin
A single light application of Fake Blood provides a good base to build realistic-looking seeping blood. Allow the first layer to dry before adding small pools of blood, and manipulate these with your finger as they dry. This creates a buildup of red colour that simulates a wound effectively. A hairdryer used on a medium or low setting will assist with the drying process. 
Fake Blood is compatible with most Face and Body Paint and looks particularly realistic applied over a layer of white Face and Body Paint for a gory ghoul effect!

To simulate small cuts such as those received running through a dense foliage, apply Fake Blood with a small flat synthetic brush. Load the brush with fake blood and apply to the skin with a quick sideways movement before allowing to dry. If creating multiple small cuts in a specific area, allow each cut to dry before placing another one over it.

Drying Time
Lightly applied to skin, this product will dry quickly. Fake blood on fabric can dry in under an hour if placed outside in direct sunlight. A hairdryer used on either a medium or low setting will speed this process. Using a higher setting may cause the product to move under the increased air pressure.
Drying time for both skin and fabric will depend upon the quantity of product used and the prevailing weather conditions.

DO NOT use in mouth, eyes and ears. If contact occurs rinse immediately in cold water. Not suitable for use on animals. If Ingested drink plenty of water and seek medical attention.

Cleaning Up with water, but staining may occur