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UV GLOW IN THE DARK Face Paint 6 x15ml

Artistic Den 2 in 1 NEON & GLOW-In-DARK Face & Body Paint
6 x 15ml Tube Set
Artistic Den is the Largest UV and Glow paint Manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. Located in Australia our paints and products are extensively used amongst neon-runs, UV events and night club rave festivals both in Australia and Worldwide.

A specialty 2 in 1 dual purpose face and body paint product.
This product is totally different to our other UV Paint Products and exhibit special additional glowing properties.

Key Features of Glow-In-The-Dark body paint

Glow WITHOUT the need of UV Blacklighting
2-in-1 Paint (Glow naturally in the Dark, UV Reactive Fluorescing in Neon Colours)
Australian Made and Conforms to Strict Australian Standards [AUS/NZ ISO 1824.3 Face Paints Certified]
Does NOT Contain ay Shellfish, Dairy, Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat or Glutton.

How to Use

Apply Paint to area of face/body. Allow time to dry. For a more intense glowing effect apply additional coats. Once Paint has dried shine any light source at the Glow in the Dark paint for a few minutes, then go into a dark room. The paint will glow on its own! Wow!
The longer the charge your paint receives the harder and longer the glowing effect.

Depending on how thick or many layering you apply depends on the colour that paints glow in the dark.
If Painted thin colours all glow in the dark similar phosphorescent bright green colour. If painted thicker Glow in colours closer to the images seen in the photo description.

These Paints are Pigment Loaded which means that regardless of application, technique and skill you are sure to stand out with this specially designed unique face and body paint product.

Additional Product Performance:

1.) In normal daylight these paints are semi-transpartent and virtually INVISIBLE on skin.
2.) Under UV Black Lights these paints Fluoresce Brilliant Neon colours.
3.) In the dark with no special lighting required they GLOW in the dark naturally.

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