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UV Glow Face Body Paint Uv Set 18 x 15ml

Artistic Den UV  Glow Face Paints 18 x 15ml Tube Set will glow brightly  under uv black lights.
Artistic Den UV Glow Face and Body Paints are extensively used amongst majority leading night clubs and rave parties around Australia.

A premium quality smooth, face and body paint.

Non-Toxic, Water based, Water-mixable product that conforms to the AUS/NZ ISO 1823.4 Childs Paints For Safety.
Does NOT Contain any Shell Fish, Dairy, Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat or Glutton. AUSTRALIAN CERTIFIED!
Made in Australia :)

Suitable for a variety of uses including clubbing, festivals, raves, concerts birthday parties and anywhere one anticipates UV Black Light and a fun time.
Applies easily with fingers or a fine brush and washes off easily with warm water.
Conveniently stows away in bag and easily accessible to use!!! :D
Quantity: 18 x 15ml Different Professional UV Face Body Paint colours (See pictures for colours in kit)

    ie: 6 x Uv Neon Colours + 6 x Uv Neon Metallic Colours + 6 x Uv Glow In Dark  Colours    

Colour Properties: - "UV GLOW " Face Body Paints are bright Neon-Like colours under natural lighting and Brightly Glowing/Fluorescing under UV Black Light lighting conditions.
Please note, fluro violet may not be as intense as other colours.

Properties: Non-Toxic, Water Based, Water Mixable, Conforms to AUS/NZ ISO 8123.4 Childs Paints For Safety.
Contents: Does NOT Contain any Shell Fish, Dairy, Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat or Glutton.