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Calico Drawstring Ham & Bread Bags 145gsm

Artistic Den offer premium quality calico bags without the premium price tag, so if it’s a calico bag your after then we have the bag for you.

Artistic Den designs offers an extensive range of cotton calico bags within your budgets reach, the bags come with Handles, Gusset or Drawstring depending on the bag style you select.

The bags are “ Manufactured to Japanese A grade Standards & Controls ” using a high quality “145gsm” Plain Natural Colour (off white) Cotton Muslin.

Bags come natural with no printing or logos, just “Blank Bags”.

No chemicals are added during the manufacturing process and the fabric is hot washed only, meaning our bags are considered to be ‘food grade’. If you’re in search of a bag that can be used for food preparation and cooking, these bags are the ideal choice. (we do recommend when using it for food that you wash again)

Ideal for Schools, Childcare Centre’s, Fundraising, Market Stalls, product Packaging, Business marketing, Promotional events.

Food Ready so they can be used for puddings, hams, turkeys, etc.
Use them for your next Christmas or Mothers Day gift
The ultimate craft experience and activity, keep the children occupied for many hours.
Unleash your creativity side on them
Ideal to paint on.
Great for dyeing
Tie Dye the bags,
Ideal for Screen Printing

Sizes Available:

Size 1, H21 x W15.5cm Double String 

Size 2, H31 x 22cm  Double String 

Size 3, H35 x W25.5cm Double String 

Size 4, H35 x W31cm Double String 

Size 5, H50 x W40cm Double String

Size 6, H16 x W11.5cm Double String

Size 7, H20 x W10cm Double String

Size 8, H7.5 x W5cm Double String

Size 9, H10 x W9.5cm Double String

Size 10, H25 x W20cm Double String

Size 11, H36 x W31cm Double String

Size 12, H60 x W40cm Double String

Size 16, H18.5cm x W13.5cm Double String

Size 17, H9cm x W7cm Double String


Note: Size may vary slightly and weave can differ from time to time. We advise customers that in any packs of bags there can be occasional size variations – i.e. not all bags will necessarily be the same size. It’s possible that a few bags will differ by up to 10mm or more this is something we have no control over, as these are all hand custom made.

Please Note:
Our Bags are sourced Ethically and are “ Not Manufactured “ in “Sweat Shops, use Forced Labour or any form of Child labour “.

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