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Glass Paint 30 x 15ml Tube Counter Display Stand

Liquid Glass is a bright and vibrant glass and ceramic paint set includes 7 different colours. Great to use on windows, glass, adhesive sheets, Canvas, porcelain items and suitable for metal decoration and most surfaces giving that baked  enamel finish.

For Dimensional use the 50ml tube set with the Applicator tip
Squeeze out of tube and create your Dimensional pattern , or you can brush it on thinly to give the transparent appearance.
For Glass & Tiles :
Insure surface is clean & dry, we recommend cleaning the surface with methylated sprits prior to painting allow paint to air dry for 24hours. To fully set your artwork, place object in a cool oven at a set temperature of 150 degrees. Once temperature is reached baked for 30 minutes then turn off oven and allow to cool before removing. Once set this paint is then dishwasher safe and also suitable for metal decorations.

Or let it dry and cure naturally , allow 5 full days for curing.
Artistic Den glass & tile paint is not recommended to areas that will be subject to harsh abrasives cutting surfaces or direct food contact. Clean brushes and equipment immediately with soap & warm water. for both the amateur and professional artist.

Primary Colours Display 30 Tubes:

6 x Black, 6 x Yellow, 6 x Red, 6 x Green, 6 x Orange, 6 x Blue, 6 x Violet, Display Stand

Uv Glow Colours Display 30 Tubes :

6 x Neon Blue, 6 x Neon Yellow, 6 x Neon Magenta, 6 x Neon Green, 6 x Neon Orange, 6 x Neon Orange , 6 x Neon Violet, Display Stand