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Metallic & Pearl Textile Screen Printing Ink

We offer  Bulk Metallic Screen Print Ink & Pearl Screen Print Ink The finish between the 2 ranges are noticably different and have different applications.

Both Finishes are classed as Opaque and have excellent coverage.

Please Note:
Extra delivery charges may be required  20kg/L inks  delivered outside Major City CBD

The Metallics Are the traditional metallic colours  

The Uv Glow Pearl Screen Ink is exactly what it is. Under normal white light they have a neon pearlescent lustre Finnish, but under a Uv Black light lighting conditions the Colour Properties: - "UV GLOW " will brightly glow


Are water based fabric colours suitable for printing, painting or airbrushing onto a wide range of natural and synthetic materials. 

Is fully inter-mixable to provide an infinite array of colours and effects. 

Artistic Den Metallics: Used on light or dark fabrics to achieve a rich metallic lustre. 

Require Heat curing: To achieve maximum fastness, heat set for approximately 4 to 5 mins at 150 Degrees C after first air drying. 

Colours : Metallics , UV Neon Pearlescent
Comercial Grade
Pure Pigments 
Light Fast
Water based