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Opaque Print Paste Base & Reducer Water Based

Opaque Textile Print Paste acts as an agent to dilute Water based Opaque Print screen inks, also used as base for mixing & creating your own opaque supercover colours using our concentrates

Artistic Den Print Paste Base & Print Ink Reducer acts as an agent to dilute the screen printing inks for easy spreading  onto screens, as well also acting as a base for mixing your own colours. When using to mix colours we recommend concentrate levels no more than 3% with the Print Paste Base No odours or nasty solvents.Ideal for use on cotton, polyester, silk and most synthetic fabrics. May also be used on other non-porous surfaces. 

Please Note  
Extra Freight Charges my apply for the 20L Print Paste If your location is located outside your City Metro, we will be contact with shortly  if are extra charges apply.