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Santa Large Drawstring Calico Bags

  • Santa sacks made from 100% 145gsm natural calico, the calico drawstring bag are available in 3 large sizes , more than enough to accommodate Santa's large gifts. We add no chemicals or dyes during the manufacturing process its all " Pure & Natural " !

    The sacks are double strung and ready for the children to personalise with paints and markers. Ideal for Schools, Childcare Centre’s, Fundraising, Market Stalls, product Packaging, Business marketing, Promotional events.

    The ultimate craft experience and activity, keep the children occupied for many hours leading up to Christmas

    Size 12, H60 x W40cm Double String, 145gsm

    Size 13, H75 x W55cm Double String, 145gsm

    Size 15, H90 x W60cm Double String 145gsm

    Unleash your creativity side on them

    Ideal for Painting, Screen Printing, Tie dyeing, Dyeing etc

    All bags are Australian Designed and Tagged, and come natural with no printing or logos, just "Blank Bags".

    "Our bags are sourced Ethically and are "Not Manufactured" in "Sweat Shops, use Forced Labour or any form of Child Labour."