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Starters Colours Fabric Screen Printing Kit

Primary Colours  Screen Fabric Print Ink Kit 
Makes a great starter Kit for all ages wanting to do some screen printing with projects to start you along.
Using purest pigments in the inks they are Lightfast and permanent having no odours or nasty solvents.
For Maximum Fixing heat set for apron 4-5min at 150 degrees after first drying.
Proudly Australian Made!
Ideal for use on cotton, polyester, silk and most synthetic fabrics. We recommend pre testing for compatibility if unsure
It can also be used on other non-porous surfaces.
Non-Toxic, Water based, Water-mixable.
Each set contains 4 fabric paint pots of 250ml  consisting of 
 4 x Primary Colours


Size : 4 x 250ml Pots

Colours:  Primary Blue, Mid Yellow, Mid Red, Mid Green

Screen: 25cm x 30cm (12" x 10")

Mesh : 43T

Squeegee : Aluminium  Handle 

Tape: 1

Stencil Film x  1

Instructions x 1

Colour Wheel : 1

Palete Knife x 1 

Professional Commercial Grade Inks,
Pure Pigments Used.
Permanent Set, Light Fast, Non Fading.
Non-Toxic, Water based, Water-mixable.
Ages 3+