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UV Glow Neon Face Body Paint 6x 250mL Fluorescent Blacklight

  • Artistic Den UV Glow Neon Face and Body Paints are Event Friendly and used extensively amongst night clubs and rave parties around Australia. Ideal for any Uv Blacklight environment and suitable for a variety of uses including clubbing, festivals, raves, concerts birthday parties and anywhere one anticipates UV Black Light and a fun time. Appearance in natural lighting are Bright Neon Colours then GLOWS VERY BRIGHTLY when exposed to UV Black Light!!

    A premium quality smooth thick face and body paint specially formulated for use on the skin that dries quickly. Is easily applied with your fingers, sponge or a fine brush. It is always recommended to apply paint over a dried coat of barrier cream or moisturiser cream on the skin. Avoid eyes, mouth and nasal passages. Do not use this product if you suffer from sensitive skin or skin allergies or conditions. If in doubt, apply a small amount to the inside of your wrist and leave for a couple of hours. Avoid contact with eyes, nasal passages, mouth or other orifices as abrasive irritation may occur. Do not apply to open wounds. Remove with soap and warm water. Suitable clothing should be worn as paint will cause staining if contact with clothes occurs.

    Non-Toxic, Water Based, Water-mixable

    Proudly Australian Made !

    Each set contains 6 (six) 250ml paint bottles: Fluoro Yellow, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Blue, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Violet, Fluoro Green.

    Bulk Quantities Available For large Events !
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