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Uv Glow Party Paint Powder Mix for Paint Cannons Super Soaker Paint Gun

Save & Buy Bulk Uv Glow Party Paint Powder, designed for Super Soaker Guns and Paint Cannons just add the Neon Coloured Powder to water and mix, two szes available : Large Pouch  20L- 50L mix ,Small Pouch 10L - 25L mix.

Glowing of the slime is achieved only with the use of Uv Black lighting.

When Selecting the 4 or 6 pack please send colour selection when checking out or through messages.

Our Uv Glow Party Paint Pow mix is designed to For Use In Paint Canons and Super Soaker Guns be thick, smooth and flowing allowing it to be sprayed into the crowds, using either super soaker guns or paint canons. Just Mix with water and away you go , no back straining or transportation worries of carrying pre-mixed 20L Buckets.

The Glow Paint is used extensively at UV Glow Events, Parties, Rave Dances, Festivals and Fun Runs. Our mix is a highly concentrated UV Glow powder paint and is manufactured to create the ultimate intense colour enjoyment. Our formulation takes minutes to make, supplied as a powder concentrate.

When Selecting the 4 or 6 pack please send colour selection when checking out or through messages.

Each Large Pouch,   will create 20-50 litres of thick UV Neon paint dependant on desired thickness for intended application.

For Paint Canons a 20-30 litre dilution will produce optimal thick viscosity; producing colourful splayed shower array of UV droplets when it is fired out of a cannon.

For Super Soaker Guns a 40L-50L a maximum dilution can be attained for maximum economy of product.

The Small Pouch will create half the quantity of the Large Pouch.

Please Note: Quality of tap water (particularly hard water) may affect the mix-ability of concentrate in water and hence the thickness of your final paint. If unsure, or using water in particular in remote locations bottled drinking water can always be used for a more reliable alternative. Additional thickener is separately available allowing an even combination of desired final product consistencies to be achieved.

Please once powder is mixed with water and final product made it must be used within 24hours. It can however be stored anywhere in the meanwhile.

- Our product is Event Venue Friendly, Non-Hazardous to the Environment and conforms to Australian & New Zealand Standards 1824.3, making it Safe    and Non-Toxic. An MSDS is available upon request.
- For Cleaning up, the product can be washed out with water.

- Slight staining may occur on some material, we always recommend testing on a small area of material first.

Instructions supplied with powders. 

Colours Available:

Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Blue, Neon Purple, Neon Red.